Adrenalin park kriga


Place where fun begins!

Professional Stuff

Our instructors are trained to work in a family park with children.


We use the newest equipment for climbing parks.

Fast Food

When you get hungry, try our dishes made from local ingredients.

Family adventure park

Adrenaline Park Kriga is situated in Central Istria, close to a village named Kringa. It spreads over a 19,000 square meters of shade, made of big oak trees that protect our visitors from the sun.

Individual visits do not need to be announced, while team buildings and birthday parties must!  

Our certified instructors demonstrate how to use equipment and take care of visitors, especially children.

We use climbing park equipment from the Saferoller, which is the best on the market.

Attractions in the Park

In our adrenalin park, we have 3 different tracks. The yellow line is the easiest one for a warm-up, but kids love it. Green and red routes are higher in the bushes, from 3 to 6 meters above the ground, and with many obstacles to pass.

There is also a 10 meters high swing, we call it “Big Swing”. Perfect for a higher dose of adrenaline.

Finally, ziplines can be taken separately, so once when you get tired of passing the tracks, you can easily enjoy our ziplines.

Are you ready? Visit us!

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